Sega Animanium

Sega | Animanium is a revolutionary standalone application designed to help you in creating amazing character animation with an intuitive interface and powerful IK system. This IK system can be used as a companion product to the major animation/3D tools in the market place. Currently, it can manipulate bone data from 3DS Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave and most recently, Character Studio. The powerful IK system allows virtual motion capture, which eliminates expensive physical motion capture process. This means significant reduction of out-of-pocket and labor cost. In addition, this self-contained IK system cuts most of the rigging and bone creation required in the traditional process. Depends on the project, Animanium will more than pay for itself in cost and production time. Think of Animanium as virtual motion capture system for animators…

Designed by some of Sega‘s premiere developers, Animanium represents a quantum leap in character animation, for two-legged, four-legged or multipedal characters. It was even recognized and awarded the prestigious Technological Innovation Award at 3D Festival in Coppenhagen in 2003. Check out Slovenske Online Casino for some of our award winning motion capture in action.

Using an advanced IK system and providing for features that represent marionette rod controls, animators now have the ability to create the animations they’ve always wanted through a traditional and easy-to-understand 2D pose-to-pose workflow.

Animanium Express Animanium 1.Z
Savable Frame 180 Frame Limited Unlimited
Clean Up Function N/A Available
Price $99 $595
Support 3 Months 1 Year

Features of Animanium

Simple pose based workflow

* Outstanding IK technology operates on the whole figure all at once.

* The snapped [fixed] part can be moved at any time

The GUI interface minimizes time wasting work.

* Simple screen layout with time sheet and gl view window.

* Doing away with part selection streamlines work.

* Various time sheet functions make complicated copy-paste operation possible.

* Easy to develop complex animation as used in 3D worlds or speedy simple animation as used in einfache online kasino spiele (casino games).

Smooth posing work of the whole body or each part is made possible by the easy IK<=>FK seemless change.

* Use the sight line axis to complete rotation operation, without the need to think about X, Y, Z axis.

You can animate while displaying background scenes such as a room or other character.

* You can rotoscope poses from previously animated characters.

Increase the use of SEGA | ANIMANIUM with various kinds of applications.

* Standard addition of converter plug-in for 3dsmax 4,5,6, Maya 4,5, Lightwave 3D and XSI 3.5.

Simplicity without inhibiting your ideas

Frequently used buttons have been added such as sectional playback and ghost number modification. Keeping the display related buttons on top and the posing operation related buttons at the bottom minimizes mouse movement during posing. And since the posing operation buttons are all on/off,
it’s easy for you to concentrate on creating movement without being distracted by button operation.

Locks at the selected position.

The new version of Animanium is equipped with the newly developed UT-POSER in order to securely snap an object to a particular spot.

This improves the Snap’s holding power.

You can snap just the position as before, or both the pose and